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Social Media and Why It Shouldn’t Be Ignored


Social media is absolutely essential to your internet marketing strategy in this day and age. If you haven’t constructed a social media strategy yet, you’re wasting an incredible marketing opportunity. More and more of your potential customers and leads are on social media, which means that the more ads you put on social media, [...]

Social Media and Why It Shouldn’t Be Ignored2019-04-03T08:06:04+00:00

A Social Media Marketing Strategy That Wins


Social media marketing is fairly new to the marketing world and is often overlooked. Business owners don’t see the value in even the most basic of social media strategies and end up wasting the huge opportunity social media marketing has to offer. Don’t waste this opportunity any longer. For some, reading about how to [...]

A Social Media Marketing Strategy That Wins2019-03-29T11:53:42+00:00

Google Search Engine Optimization Explained


Google search engine optimization can seem complicated and make you feel like you’re in over your head. Let our marketing agency in Columbus, Ohio make it simple for you. In this article, we’ll explain Columbus SEO, guiding you through what SEO is, how you do it, and why it matters. What is Search [...]

Google Search Engine Optimization Explained2019-02-23T09:59:00+00:00

How to Do Search Engine Optimization


If you’ve tried to operate any sort of business on the internet or run a website, you’ve likely heard of search engine optimization or SEO for short. SEO is all over the internet, from news media websites to small local businesses, and everywhere in-between. But what is SEO? Why do you need it and [...]

How to Do Search Engine Optimization2019-02-23T09:33:45+00:00

Our 4-Step Marketing Strategy Explained


There are tons of digital marketing agencies out there, but what sets our Columbus marketing agency apart from the rest is our 4-step marketing strategy that’s proven highly effective. In this article, we’re going to breakdown that excellent strategy, providing you with a brief and easily understandable summary of what makes our Columbus digital [...]

Our 4-Step Marketing Strategy Explained2019-01-23T16:54:02+00:00

Stories: What Are They Doing for Your Social Media Marketing?


Marketing trends, especially social media marketing trends change both quickly and frequently with all the regular updates to the various social media platforms and the tools they offer businesses, it can prove highly challenging to stay up to date and keep your social media marketing strategy optimized. Luckily, our Columbus digital marketing agency stays [...]

Stories: What Are They Doing for Your Social Media Marketing?2019-01-23T16:12:38+00:00

A Bird Box SEO Strategy Will Never Work


When I took some holiday vacation from my Columbus Marketing Agency, like you, I had many hours of free time I was not used to. Besides the usual holiday schedule of college football bowl games, I watched several Netflix movies and series that were recommended by friends and colleagues. One of the movies I [...]

A Bird Box SEO Strategy Will Never Work2019-01-20T17:39:05+00:00

How to Go to College for Free and Other Things Your Parents Didn’t Teach You


How to Go to College for Free and Other Things Your Parents Didn’t Teach You by Eric KeenethAccording to College Data, the cost of tuition each year for a public college is $10K and the cost of a private university is $35K. To the average person, this is a lot and [...]

How to Go to College for Free and Other Things Your Parents Didn’t Teach You2019-01-20T17:38:04+00:00

On-Site SEO: What You Need to Know


The world of SEO can be quite confusing to those that are new to the scene. Our online marketing agency in Columbus is here to help guide you through it. There are two major types of SEO: on-site SEO and offsite SEO. On-site SEO refers to the optimizing of elements that are on the [...]

On-Site SEO: What You Need to Know2018-12-10T09:16:44+00:00

PPC Trends You Don’t Want to Ignore


Pay-per-click advertising (PPC), like Google Adwords, have become increasingly popular in marketing strategies over the past few years, distinctly growing stronger each year. Just like with SEO, PPC trends are always changing and improving. Our Columbus digital marketing agency has put together a PPC guide to offer PPC help to those trying to structure [...]

PPC Trends You Don’t Want to Ignore2018-12-10T08:37:24+00:00