Last month, we encouraged you to develop a social media marketing strategy by showing you its importance and value in your internet marketing strategy. Now that we’ve persuaded you, it’s time to help you get ready to create a social media strategy. In this article, our online marketing agency in Columbus, Ohio will help you prepare for creating the perfect social media strategy for you.

develop a social media marketing strategy

Know What You’re Getting Into

Before you dive in head first, you should do your research and ensure you know the work that is ahead of you. This will not only help prepare you for creating your social media strategy but will also help you make an educated decision as to whether you will take this on yourself or seek the help and advice of an online marketing agency.

Determine or Review Your Marketing Goals

You can’t make a successful marketing strategy of any type without setting marketing goals. Your social media marketing goals should not differ greatly from your other marketing goal. While there might be some goals more specific to social media, like engagements and reach, the basic goals should remain the same.

Examples of Marketing Goals

There are many different routes you can take for making your marketing goals, but here are a few examples to get you down the right path:

  • Improve reach to target demographic
  • Maintain reputation of excellence for the company
  • Get more reviews on products

Ensure that your marketing goals are on par with your company’s unique selling point and that you focus on them through all your social media efforts. This will help give customers or clients something of a landmark to latch onto and help them remember your business.

social media marketing strategy

Find Out Which Platform Will Help You Most

This is one of the most important pieces of advice our marketing agency in Columbus, Ohio can offer you for building your social media marketing strategy. Plan your posts in advance, don’t just wing it. Your posts need to be engaging, shareable, attention-getting, and stay true to your unique selling point and the values of your company. You want each post to speak to your target demographic and grab their attention. You want your posts to stick in their minds so that when they see anything related to your business and/or your unique selling point, they think of your business. Let’s break this down a little for you.


The content you post on social media should always be engaging. It should make your followers want to respond to it through reactions or comments.

online marketing agency in columbus ohio social post

You want to quickly explain the post, include a call to action, and have a link or video for them to follow. Some of the most engaging types of posts are videos, events, and giveaways.


The content you post should make your followers want to share it with their friends by sharing it to their own page, their friends’ pages, or tagging their friends in the comments. You can do this by researching what your target demographic is interested in and choose engaging posts relevant to their interests.


Your content has to get the attention of your target demographic. It has to stand out amongst all the other posts on their newsfeed and get their attention enough for them to share it. Approach this with caution, though, because it’s very easy to go overboard. Too much flashy, attention-getting things in one post is a giant red flag to the very people you’re trying to reach.

Stay True to Your Business

Here’s where planning can really help you out with your social media strategy. You want your business’s image to be consistent across all marketing efforts. If your YouTube videos and print ads have a jocular tone, you want that to remain consistent across all your social media: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, etc. But, if you take a more serious approach, you’re not going to want to dabble in humor in a YouTube video or on a Facebook post. Remain consistent with your business’s image.

Automate Your Social Media Marketing Strategy

The very last step in having a successful social media strategy is automating it all. This makes keeping up with a set schedule and hitting peak times way easier than trying to post everything manually. If you use an online marketing agency, they’ll likely handle all the automation for you; our marketing agency in Columbus, Ohio does for all our clients. Using a social media scheduler that you’ve purchased a subscription to is the easiest way to schedule your posts, but you can do it manually through most social media platforms.

loomly social media strategy

Your social media strategy is an integral part of your overall marketing strategy. Being active on social media platforms can help grow your clientele, boost your business, and improve your SEO rankings. Though creating a social media marketing strategy can be confusing, we hope our online marketing agency has helped to clear things up for you and get you headed on the right path.

social media strategy

If boosting your social media marketing strategy just seems like too much for you to do on your own, call our marketing agency in Columbus, Ohio today! We’ll help build you a social media strategy that works and grow your business to heights you’ve only imagined and never thought possible.

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