In the fast-paced world in which we live, it’s becoming increasingly important to make your point quickly and attract customers with as little content as possible. On the one hand, this means you need to distill your content to grab your reader’s attention quickly. On the other, it means you have to ensure that the distilled content you produce will captivate the reader’s attention.

online marketing strategy: distilled content

In this article, we’ll explore how to distill your content and captivate your audience’s attention quickly to improve your online marketing strategy.

How to Distill Your Content

Distilling your content is more difficult than you may think; it’s not just about trimming it down to a specific length. The important thing to remember about distilling content is using as few as words as possible to convey your idea. You’re competing against your reader’s time and you have to be effective immediately.

Decide What Matters

The first step is deciding what part of your content is absolutely essential. What is the bare minimum your ad or content needs to get its point across? We recommend revisiting this step to ensure you are using the fewest words possible to communicate what’s most important.

content - online marketing strategy

Make It Interesting

Now that you’ve boiled your content down to only what matters, it’s time to make it appealing. As we said before, you’re competing against your reader’s attention. Make your distilled content interesting, captivating, and appealing to give your readers a reason to stick around.

How to Know When to Distill Your Content

While the process of distilling your content can be applied most anywhere to help you better get to the point, it’s not always necessary and can sometimes be hurtful. The biggest place you want to use distilled content is on social media outlets, in ads, and through emails. These sections of your online marketing strategy are the areas where people want their information quickly; they want to get the gist of your content at a glance. With this type of content, you want to captivate their attention in one line, so they’ll stop and read it or pay attention to your ad.

online marketing strategy

Another place where distilled content is best served within your online marketing strategy is on your website. Pages such as your homepage, services page, about us page, and your contact page should be short, sweet, and to the point. Customers look at these pages to ensure that you’re not just a reputable company, but the right company for them in 2 minutes or less. They want to understand your business so get to the point quickly!

how and when to distill your content

One place you certainly don’t want too much distilled content is on your blog. Your blog is exempt from this because it’s a better SEO practice to allow the length of your blog content to fluctuate in a way that is natural. For example, if all of your blog posts are exactly 500 words long, it looks fishy to the search engine algorithms.  It’s also a warning sign that you’re using content farming to increase your rankings. However, it is true that the average reader has a window where they accept your blog post to be relevant to their needs and keep reading or move on.

be wary of distilled content on your blogs

As we said above, the length of your blog content should fluctuate naturally, which means if you have a lot to say about a topic, it should be a longer post, but if there’s not that much to cover, say it and move on. Stretching out your content to meet a certain length when you run out of points to make is extremely obvious and a huge turn off to the reader. When reading blogs the rules of excessive wordiness which cause attention drift still apply here. Make your blog posts interesting and appealing and tell a good story while sticking to your online marketing strategy.

distilled content useful to readers

Why You Need to Distill Your Content

If we haven’t convinced you that this should be a necessary part of your online marketing strategy yet, here are some statistics that show just how important it is to get your reader’s attention quickly. The following statistics are provided by the Neilson Norman Group:

  • Out of 59,573 pageviews, 17% of views lasted less than four seconds, 4% lasted more than 10 minutes, and 3% only viewed pages with less than 20 words on them.
  • “On an average visit, users read only half the information only on those pages with 111 words or less.”
  • On average, users will read about 20% of the text found on the page.

boost online marketing strategy with distilled content

More of your viewers are skimming your content than actually reading it, making it all the more important to distill your content and grab their attention early.

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