Pay-per-click advertising (PPC), like Google Adwords, have become increasingly popular in marketing strategies over the past few years, distinctly growing stronger each year. Just like with SEO, PPC trends are always changing and improving.

PPC guide to PPC trends

Our Columbus digital marketing agency has put together a PPC guide to offer PPC help to those trying to structure the best strategy for their business. The PPC trends contained within this guide are the newest and most effective trends of 2018 that you don’t want to and, frankly, can’t afford to ignore.

1) Accounting for Voice Searches

With the increase in voice-command technology, businesses are going to need to take into account the increased popularity of voice searches. People search different keywords using voice search than they do with traditional searches, most commonly in the form of a question. The increased popularity of voice searches is sure to effect SEM, SEO, and PPC trends alike.

Voice searches effecting PPC trends

PPC users will have to select their keywords with this trend in mind to maintain their rankings and get the most out of their PPC campaign. This is the first time there’s been a push for full-sentence keywords in digital marketing.

2) A Shift Towards Audiences and Away from Keywords

Many experts are weighing in on the issue, debating the likelihood that 2019 will see the end of the keyword. 

Elite SEM’s Aaron Levy told Search Engine Journal: “It’s been a long time coming; search engines have given us too many additional levers to handle along with keywords. I believe next year will be the beginning of the end for keywords as a primary search lever.”

PPC trends moving away from keywords

SaavyRevenue’s Andrew Lolk disagreed, seeing a need for audience-targeting and keywords: “Keywords will be important, but audience-targeting on the search network will in 2019 be of equal importance for securing high performance.”

It’s likely that it’ll be quite some time before keywords work their way entirely out of PPC trends, but it’s clear that audiences will be considered much more heavily in their selection.

3) New Ways to Advertise

According to Lisa Raehsler, Founder of Big Click Co, 2019 will present e-commerce brands with more opportunities than ever before to reach more buyers with more precision and personalization.

more advertising opportunities PPC guide

The following are all exciting new advertising opportunities for e-commerce brands in the upcoming year:


Bing Ads is currently testing local inventory ads that display the stock availability of products in stores nearby to boost in-store business.


A new instant storefront template format for ads can automatically generate a video containing products that are personalized to the users’ tastes.


The local catalog ads on Google will feature local availability in-store, as well as pricing in a user-friendly mobile layout.


New features have been introduced to Pinterest that allow users to purchase a product directly from a pin with pricing and inventory availability right there.

4) The Rise of Video

Daniel Gilbert, CEO of Brainlabs, said that video has managed to emerge as the leader in mobile content.

“We’ll be seeing platforms encouraging advertisers to adapt to more updates like Google’s recent vertical ads,” he added.

video crucial to new ppc trends

Videos are quickly becoming the most popular and viewed type of mobile content among users. Those developing their strategy in need of a PPC guide would do well to incorporate videos into their PPC campaign.

5) Brand Building

It seems as though brand building will be seeing a comeback in 2019.

“PPCers have been so focused on ROI that they forget marketing is also about creating demand for a product and, hopefully, creating brand loyalty, too. From display to YouTube to keeping some low-performing generic keywords running […] digital marketing in 2019 will stop trying to make every click profitable and start segmenting strategies by goals,” according to Jeff Allen, President of Hanapin Marketing.

The importance of brand loyalty and affinity will be coming back to the forefront of marketing strategies and PPC campaigns.

Columbus Digital Marketing Agency Offers PPC Help

If this PPC guide merely showed you how far in over your head you are, let our Columbus digital marketing agency help. We offer PPC help from strategy building to handling your whole PPC campaign. We don’t just leave you behind, either. We walk you through it every step of the way.

ppc help from columbus digital marketing agency

If building and managing your PPC campaign seems like too much for you, contact our Columbus digital marketing agency today. Don’t just risk winging it and wasting your money; get professional assistance before it’s too late.

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