You’ve heard of Spring Cleaning for your home, but have you considered an End of the Year Cleaning for your business’s SEO strategy? The world of SEO is constantly changing. Google and other search engines are constantly changing and updating their algorithms. Each year, SEO practices are becoming outdated as Google continues to tweak its algorithm.

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That being said, you need to adjust your SEO strategy regularly for a Pagerank boost. In this article, we’re going to help you clean up your SEO strategy with our Columbus digital marketing agency’s guide to outdated SEO practices, also referred to as bad SEO, and SEO myths you should avoid like the plague.

Keyword Stuffing

This bad SEO practice is far more commonly used than you might think. The idea is to put keywords in as many times as possible, despite relevance to the content or context. This mistake is painfully obvious to visitors reading your content, which often leads to high bounce rates.

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Keyword stuffing is also a giant red flag to search engines that you’re trying to manipulate the algorithm. It’ll boost SEO more effectively to place your keyword once in the title, once in the description, once in the opening paragraph, in at least one H2 header, and then as it fits in organically within the context of the article.

Too Many Outbound Links

It’s long been a common SEO strategy to fill your content with reputable outbound links to give your website and content more credibility. However, this only works when it is done properly with truly reputable sources. The old school of thought was the more of these links found in your content, the better, but that’s no longer the case.

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Having too many links in your content, including the reputable ones, causes search engines to see you as a link farm or paid directory. This is a bad SEO practice. It’s far better to limit your links to a few reputable ones that are highly relevant to your content.

Posting Duplicate Content

The key to successfully boost SEO is to post unique and original content that’s helpful and useful to readers, bringing them in and keeping them reading. Posting duplicate content is a fairly bad SEO practice that can really lower your rankings.

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If you need to post duplicate content due to the nature of your business or because it’d be useful to readers, we recommend you make it ‘no index’ and ‘no follow’ so that it won’t hurt your rankings.

Load Time of Your Website

This is usually something at the very bottom of businesses’ concerns, especially in relation to their SEO strategy. However, it’s something that plays a significant role in your rankings. Your website should load easily and be available 24/7. Every second your website is down, you’re losing potential readers and/or customers. If you want to boost SEO on your website, it’s time you address this.

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User Experience

This brings us to our last point, your website design and the user’s experience with your page. Search engines like Google, as we said earlier, are constantly updating their algorithms in the name of improvements and they’ve gotten insanely intelligent. Algorithms take into account the user experience now, taking all of the following into account when considering your ranking:

  • Time on Site
  • Bounce Rate
  • Engagement Rate
  • Page Depth

This means that your SEO concerns need to expand further past content optimization into the experience your users have on your site.

boost seo strategy by losing bad seo habits

Cleaning up your SEO strategy can seem like a tedious job and quite the pain, but it’s necessary to ensure you boost SEO properly and aren’t just wasting your efforts. We hope this guide has helped you take a closer look at your strategy and eliminate what’s not working for your business, helping your website to get better rankings in the year to come.

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