The digital content marketing world, since the beginning, has been divided into two groups of people: those who chose the long-term payoff of content marketing (the haves) and those who didn’t (the have nots). Those who chose quality content marketing are now enjoying a strong presence and high organic rankings, while those that thought they could succeed quicker in other ways are struggling to gain their footing.

need for seo and digital content marketing

In the business of digital marketing and SEO, it’s all about digital and social content marketing; it may take you a while, but you’ll get a higher payoff for your efforts. Those that chose to pass on content marketing are now realizing their mistake and quickly scrambling to regroup and try again, basically starting over from scratch with their SEO strategies. That being said, those Haves that are currently sitting pretty in the industry should have their guard up; the Have Nots have learned from their mistakes and they’re coming to lower your rankings.

What Can We Expect for the Future of SEO and Digital Content Marketing

Now that we’re all on the same page, we can expect more information, new strategies and theories, and more jobs circulating in the field as there will be more concentrated efforts toward the same thing and a greater appreciation for the work that goes into digital content marketing and SEO. However, that unfortunately also means there’s going to be a lot more competition, making it harder to achieve high rankings.

SEO and digital content marketing needed

One thing we will definitely be seeing is even more of a focus on social digital marketing. Before, you could get by with just one social media page that you barely updated or even none at all, but that’s no longer the case. You’ll be seeing more and more business optimizing all of the social media outlets they can to stay relevant to customers, rank higher in search engines, and keeping up with the competition.

As companies start to focus more of their marketing efforts on the digital world and on SEO, we think it’s likely you’ll see an increase of in-house marketing teams within said companies. It takes a lot of time, effort, and focus to rank highly through digital marketing and, if companies don’t want the job to be half-done, they’re going to need to build a reliable and valuable team of people to handle that for them.

improve SEO with digital content marketing

With your marketing campaign, you have two choices: you can be a Have and jump on the digital content marketing train, or you can be a Have Not and struggle to gain footing with your business. We beg you to learn from the SEO mistakes of others and start with digital content marketing; it may be a little longer before you start seeing good results in your SEO rankings, but the payoff in the long-term will be much better.

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