Social media is absolutely essential to your internet marketing strategy in this day and age. If you haven’t constructed a social media strategy yet, you’re wasting an incredible marketing opportunity. More and more of your potential customers and leads are on social media, which means that the more ads you put on social media, the higher the chances are of them reaching your target demographic. In this article, our marketing agency in Columbus, Ohio will help explain to you why you shouldn’t ignore such a valuable marketing opportunity as social media.

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Being Active on Social Media Improves Your SEO

The more active you are on social media, the better your SEO will be. It shows Google that your business is active and that you have an internet presence. Another way your social media strategy can boost your SEO is by giving you yet another place to work in those ever-important keywords. Frequently, if a keyword is present on a social media post, the post will pop up in the same search engine results, helping your SEO ranking.

Your Social Media Strategy Can Help You Connect with Your Customers

Social media gives your business the space to share what you’re doing, who you are, and what your business cares about. Your customers are on social media and they feel connected with you when they see these things. It gives them the opportunity to get to know the company as people, rather than as an entity.

Your Customers are on Social Media

Your customers are on social media for a good portion of their days. Many don’t have cable anymore, either; the advertisements they see are on their social media platforms. They see products they like or services they think are useful and they share them, helping your reach to grow.

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Social media marketing is one of the few types of marketing through which you can actually see some results for free. Promotions and ads through social media aren’t very expensive and tend to be highly effective, but you can also get your pages and content to rank higher and have a larger reach organically at no cost to you. As an added bonus, the better your content does organically, the cheaper promoting it will be.

Utilizing Social Media Can Get People in the Door or Generate Leads

Because your customers and target audience are on social media, your social media strategy is the perfect opportunity for you to generate new leads and get people in the doors of your business. For example, when our marketing agency in Columbus, Ohio manages social media as part of an internet marketing strategy for a client, we post specials and/or sales exclusively to social media for a limited time which not only motivates people to act quickly, but also allows us to track the business that’s generated by social media.

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A social media strategy can make all the difference to your internet marketing strategy. It gives you yet another way to share your unique selling point with your target audience while also allowing you to better connect with your customers. Developing a strong social media strategy can take your internet marketing strategy to the next level.

If you need assistance creating a winning internet marketing strategy that includes a social media strategy, contact our marketing agency in Columbus, Ohio today. Our digital marketing experts will help you develop the perfect marketing strategy for your company that will actually work.

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