Social media marketing is fairly new to the marketing world and is often overlooked. Business owners don’t see the value in even the most basic of social media strategies and end up wasting the huge opportunity social media marketing has to offer. Don’t waste this opportunity any longer.

For some, reading about how to make a social media marketing strategy is enough for them to figure it out and get by. But for most, using a social media marketing agency or marketing agency in Columbus can help them build a successful social media marketing strategy and get the most out of their social media. In this article, we’re going to help you build a social media marketing strategy that wins.

Unique Selling Point

Social media marketing gives you yet another opportunity to get your unique selling point across to your customers. Each and every post or advertisement that someone sees from your business is another chance for them to see your unique selling point, causing your name and unique selling point to stick in their minds. When building your social media pages and social media marketing strategy, you always want to keep your unique selling point in mind.

social media marketing strategy

Ensure your name, page URL, and pictures are all the same across the board and all stay true to your unique selling point. For example, our handle on Twitter matches that on Facebook. If your Facebook handle is @businessname, your Twitter handle, Instagram handle, and Pinterest username should all match. Your profile picture and cover image should be the same on each and every social media page your business has. If you have a logo, use it in the images and videos you post. If you’re not taking every opportunity to get your logo and unique selling point in the eyes of your audience, you’re not getting the most out of your social media marketing strategy.

Research Your Target Audience

Your target audience is one of the most important factors in your social media marketing strategy. If you choose to use a social media marketing agency, like our marketing agency in Columbus, they’ll do this research for you, but if you’re going it alone, that responsibility falls on you.

1) Determine Your Target Audience

The first step is to narrow down all the potential customers to a smaller, target group that is most likely to purchase your products or use your services. This will help determine which social media platforms you should use, which should be focused on, what you will post, and when you will post it.

2) Determine Where They Spend Their Social Media Time

Research when your target demographic is on the various social media platforms on which you’re focusing your efforts. If your target audience spends most of their time on Instagram in the evenings, you want to concentrate your efforts there. If you go live, you’ll want to do it then.

3) Research What Works for Your Target Demographic

Certain types of content will appeal better to different demographics. The real tricky thing is that the social media platform plays a role, as well. What appeals to your demographic on Instagram may not appeal to the same demographic on Facebook. You’ll need to do this research to really construct the perfect social media marketing strategy.

Making Content

Once you’ve determined your target demographic and have gotten your branding squared away, it’s time to think about what content you want to share. You want to be consistent with your brand, company values, and aesthetic. You want to make content that appeals to your target audience and is shareable. While the specific content differs based on your target demographic, there are some guidelines you can follow for each platform.


On Facebook, users like to see a mix of content. It’s a good social media marketing strategy to post a variety of articles, pictures, and videos, not just one type of content.


Informative articles perform best in terms of shared content on LinkedIn. LinkedIn is used mostly for business purposes, so a higher level of content does better.

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Images and short video clips perform best on Instagram. Story updates are also very important to a successful social media marketing strategy on Instagram.

Posting Schedule

As with every other step mentioned, your posting schedule will vary based on the platform and your target demographic, but there are a few golden rules you can follow.

  • Post frequently enough to be active, but not so much that people snooze or unfollow you.
  • Post a variety of content – articles, videos, pictures, quotes, etc.
  • Pick a schedule that you can maintain – consistency is important.

Finding a Social Media Marketing Agency

If you decide that this is a bit much for you to handle, you might want to find a social media marketing agency to do it for you. Our social media marketing agency in Columbus will work closely with you to ensure your social media marketing strategy is exactly how you want it to be and is highly effective.

social media marketing strategy

In order for you to develop a social media marketing strategy that wins for your company, you have to put in the research or find a social media marketing agency that will do it for you. We hope this article has helped to guide you through building your successful social media marketing strategy. If you decide you need assistance from an agency, contact our social media marketing agency in Columbus today.

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